Thefts and Burglaries

FAKTEN Can Bring Clarity and Recover What You’ve Lost

The number of burglaries and thefts in apartment building and individual dwellings is on the increase. Around 17,000 such cases were reported to Austrian authorities in 2014, and this number does not include offenses affecting companies. The legal authorities can’t always help. Get extra advice and assistance from FAKTEN’s investigators.

Thefts and Burglaries – Apartments and Homes

In home burglaries, more than just valuables and documents can be stolen. The senseless destruction that perpetrators sometimes cause, and moreover the emotional shock that strangers have invaded your private space can be daunting. The sense of security in your own home can be lost in a moment. Contact the understanding employees of the FAKTEN detective agency. They can empathize with your situation as well as understand that your loss may not only involve highly valuable material items, but rather irreplaceable and intangible things. If “only” photos, letters and other memorabilia are stolen, authorities often don’t see any reason for more intensive criminal prosecution due to the low material value of things lost. In contrast, for us the financial aspect is not the deciding factor. We’ll use all our experience and expertise to recover your property.

Thefts and Burglaries Involving Businesses

Losses of vehicle assets, factory equipment, machinery and tools means a loss in productivity that can have deleterious effects. It is even worse if written or electronic documents are lost in burglaries or thefts.

The specialists of the FAKTEN detective agency can handle the timely recovery of your corporate property. We are also well prepared to handle cases in which company employees “help themselves” to goods, cash or equipment.

Our service package for thefts and burglaries includes the following:

  • Providing an accurate inventory of items lost
  • Searching for articles
  • Searching for perpetrators – here the excellent connections of the FAKTEN detective agency, at home and abroad, are very useful
  • Localization of stolen goods
  • On request, recovery of stolen goods or
  • alerting the authorities so that they can take further action

Additionally, we can give you comprehensive advice on improving the protection of your property and holdings. Once perpetrators know they can break in easily, they may repeat the crime. Prevent this from taking place – talk to the specialists of FAKTEN.