Otto Krammer: director of operations, organizer and seasoned professional

Through his many years of service as a police officer and private investigator, he has a high level of experience and expertise. Today this advantage is especially for you to use! As a member of the Special Department WEGA, he has participated in numerous operations, including the fight against hostage-taking and countless state visits. In the course of his career, he has been commended several times and has been thanked and appreciated.

Tatjana Saritter: the company's owner

Prior to her self-employment she had been employed in a renowned detective agency.
That brings the best conditions for this profession. Through her commitment and forward thinking, she could provide many meaningful evidence of administrative and judicial matters.

You benefit from our good contacts to the police and military. Thereby we are able to find the right solution for each task.

Our philosophy: Performance at the highest level!

Otto Krammer - The private investigator

Longtime police and detective experience brings you to success.