How We Charge

A first in-depth consultation is provided free of charge. After determining the likely extent and duration of our service, we’ll be able to define the exact cost to you.

Our fee includes:

Working hours, including operations at night, on holidays and weekends

Vehicle charges, mileage allowance, etc.

Deployment costs for electronic equipment (cameras, listening devices, etc.)

Cash disbursement (informant funds, hotel costs, etc.)

Fees (written statements to authorities, lawyers, etc.)

Naturally you’ll receive a detailed invoice for the services provided services. A fixed rate is available in some cases – feel free to ask us about this option.

The legal authority, according to Austrian civil code § 1295 (ABGB), has allowed the demanding back of the fees from the wrongful party through a recourse proceeding. We’re happy to provide more information about this option. We can advise you about this in an efficient and comprehensive manner, just as for any other question concerning your assignment. As a professional detective agency with many years of experience in law enforcement, we’ll take care of your case in a timely manner with the utmost of thoroughness and precision.

See for yourself! Make an appointment for a free, no-obligation consultation today.