Missing or lost? We’re on the trail!

The investigation of the disposition and the whereabouts of missing persons, equipment or vehicles is part of the day-to-day business of the FAKTEN detective agency. We can provide you with information on how to contact individuals who are in hiding or have gone missing, and we can secure your possessions against use by unauthorized individuals.

Finding People

People have the most diverse motives for taking leave of their previous lives. Such disappearances are not always voluntary, and government officials are not always the ideal people to contact when on the search for someone who has gone missing.

On behalf of clients, the FAKTEN detective agency ascertains the whereabouts of missing people. There are a number of reasons for wanting to determine someone’s location:

  • You’re looking for someone who has defaulted on a debt and gone missing without notification
  • You’re looking for an heir who has been mentioned in a will or bequest
  • You are searching for relatives who you’ve lost contact with
  • You’re looking for a partner or ex-partner who has taken custody of a child for whom you share responsibility

If quick action is required, our outstanding network of affiliates both within Austria and abroad can rapidly deliver the desired outcome. We would be happy to consult with you about the methods to be used as this can differ greatly from case to case. In some cases, contact with the missing person is desired or necessary, while in other instances written contact is preferred.

Feel free to ask our experienced specialists to help you in your missing person search. In addition, some members of the FAKTEN team specialize in the recovery of equipment and vehicles.

Recovery of Equipment and Vehicles

Vehicles and equipment can “disappear” for any number of reasons. The most common reasons for such cases are listed below:

  • Company vehicles are not returned by former employees
  • Rented equipment or constructions vehicles are not returned
  • Losing track of lease holders or leased vehicles
  • Equipment or vehicles are lost through theft
  • As part of bankruptcy proceedings, vehicles or equipment end up in another company

The FAKTEN detective agency can take care of the rapid recovery of property. A prerequisite in such cases is that you can prove ownership of the equipment or vehicle in question. We’ll locate the item you’re looking for, whether locally or abroad, and provide you with details about the location. Working together, we can determine how to best proceed with the recovery.