Divorces and legal separations – enforcing judgements for support

In legal separation processes, it is common that a payment of support is also specified. Over time, conditions can arise that can lead to changes in the obligation of support. We’ll look into things and help you to implement any claims.

You Have to Pay Support

As someone making payments, it’s in your best interest to pay no more than is legally required. If you would like to confirm that this is the case, at your request we can look into the living situation of the person receiving payments. If the person in question is in a live-in relationship, it’s possible that the amount of support can be lowered or support can even be suspended completely. The law defines three types of live-in relationship:

  • In a sexual union, recurrent sexual activity forms the basis of the reason for living together
  • In an economic union, money is paid into a common fund and is administered commonly
  • In a residential union, the parties support one another and manage the household together. This form of residential collective is not to be considered to be equivalent to the purpose-driven common living arrangement of students in which there are cleaning plans, separate times for doing laundry and a division of refrigerator space.

Cumulatively, as someone legally required to provide support at least two of these attributes must be in place in order to lower or even eliminate the amount you are paying. The professionals of the FAKTEN detective agency are familiar with the legal criteria and are well-trained in uncovering and thoroughly documenting the exact nature of a collective living arrangement. With this documentation, you can support your legal position that claims for support from the side of your ex-partner can be changed during the duration of the collective living arrangement. If a marriage has taken place, a claim for support is completely void.

If You Have a Claim for Support

The amount of the required support is determined by the court. It is common for those obliged to make payments to lower the amount of support being paid or to suspend payment entirely. They can be very creative in their efforts:

  • A change in employment, for example a promotion or a change to a better paid position, is not reported
  • A residential or economic collective is formed that contributes to an improvement in the financial situation of the person under obligation to make payments, and this is not reported

At your request, we at the FAKTEN detective agency can ascertain the working and living situation of the person who is to be making payments to you, and in this way help you to get the appropriate amount of support.

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