Your rights as a renter or landlord

Whether you’re a renter, a landlord or the owner of a property – everyone wants to live in peace and have their rights respected when it comes to living within your own four walls. The FAKTEN detective agency can handle the interests of both sides.

Tenancy Law Issues for Renters

Renters are often in a difficult position when coming up against landlords, property owners or property management. FAKTEN detective agency professionals can be of assistance in a number of practical ways: 

  • Are you suspicious that a written notice concerning housing requirements is somehow not legal. We can gather all the fact for you and give you the evidence you need to achieve success.
  • Are you living with a stubborn conflict with your neighbors? If you’re feeling bothered by such things as noise, odors or other behavior, we can ascertain the facts for you. We can help you to refute false allegations coming from your neighbors – we’ll document any misconduct. You can also use our findings as legal evidence.

Tenancy Law Issues for Landlords

Hoarders, tenants who skip out on rent and squatters: these are only a few of the problems that landlords and property owners might have to face. FAKTEN can protect your property and your assets.

  • People who hoard things as well as people who simply skip out on rent represent a tremendous financial burden to landlords and property owners. In addition to lack of rent paid, there are often also high costs related to eviction and the eventual restoration of the rental property to a livable state.
  • ·Protect yourself in time. The FAKTEN detective agency can confirm the financial standing and reputation of potential renters. In more serious cases, we can help in the execution of a rapid evictions, or we can ascertain the whereabouts of people who have moved out while still owing you rent.
  • At the request of a landlord or property owner, the FAKTEN detective agency can determine whether the rental property is actually being used by the parties who signed the rental agreement. As an example case from our files, a grandchild who legally has access to a property is living in the flat of his deceased grandmother. The woman had a rental contract with extremely low rent – so low that is was below normal rents in the same market. Based on tips from the landlord or property owner, we were able to determine where the grandchild was actually spending his time. If he was living it up three or four days per week in the flat of his deceased grandmother, then the flat counted as his residence. The grandchild was using the flat illegally. As the landlord or renter, with the help of the results of our investigation, you would be able to carry out an eviction and rent the flat again for a more appropriate amount.
  • Do you have the suspicion that a property you are renting out is regularly being used by more people than is stipulated in the rental agreement? Contact us – we’ll look into things for you in a way that is both effective and discreet.