Safety in action: personal protection while at home and abroad

Both private and business activities can lead to a need for close protection.

Here are some possible hazardous scenarios in the private sector:

  • You are a plaintiff, defendant or witness in criminal or civil proceedings and your participation in this legal action is causing you to fear for your physical well-being or property, or that of your family
  • You are victim of ongoing stalking
  • You are being personally threatened, for example by ex-partners, former business partners or relatives (e.g. in inheritance disputes)
  • You are wealthy and fear abduction, possibly by family members

Here are some possible hazardous scenarios in the business sector:

  • Jewelers and dealers of valuable gems and other sensitive goods are especially at risk when traveling, even short distances
  • As a public figure active in politics, sports or show business you may need protection from fans and enemies

You can trust in the effective personal protection provided by the trained staff of the FAKTEN detective agency.

We offer the following services:

  • Discreet or conspicuous escort anywhere and anytime, at home or abroad
  • Requested escort for your family members
  • Heightened awareness of potential hazards for you and your family
  • Elimination of vulnerabilities in commercial spaces, residential areas and other properties

Via a detailed consultation, we’ll determine your precise protection needs. The professionals at FAKTEN detective agency will create a protection plan that yields maximum safety with minimal disruption to your everyday life.

Feel free to contact us – you can rely on the experienced bodyguards of the FAKTEN detective agency.