You don’thave to live with stalkingorbullying!

This mainly used to be something only famous celebrities had to deal with. Today, anyone can be affected by stalking. According to § 107a of the Austrian Penal Code (StGB), stalking is a prosecutable offense.

What exactly is stalking?

  1. An objectionable person does not respect your personal space
  2. You receive unwanted phone calls, emails or other verbal or written communication
  3. Someone orders services and/or goods in your name using your personal information
  4. Someone commissions a third party to contact you
  5. Someone commissions a third party to engage in the actions in points 1, 2 or 3 above  

If you are affected by any of these actions over an extended period of time, your life and your privacy are being negatively impacted in an unacceptable way. In extreme cases, this can even lead to physical attacks resulting in personal harm or harm to your property.

Avoid letting this go to too far. Enlist the security services of the FAKTEN detective agency. We can provide experienced staff, and if necessary high quality equipment, to monitor your personal residence as well as your workplace. We’ll provide you with the evidence you need about the person or people causing you problems. This can usually be completed within a few days. With the evidence collected, you can contact the authorities who then have the option to initiate criminal proceedings.

There are currently no statutes covering bullying behavior, but intimidation while at work or at school is also an important issue.

  • Have you been harassed, unfairly neglected or criticized over a long period of time?
  • Is important work-related information being intentionally withheld?
  • Do people you work with or attend classes with make fun of you in a derogatory way?

If yes, now is the time to act. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we can help you to get back to a more anxiety-free life.