Infidelity can be expensive

FAKTEN can investigate your husband, wife or domestic partner

Are you suspicious that your partner might be unfaithful? Such a living situation is emotionally draining. FAKTEN can provide you with clarity: our experts in sensitive investigations can look into your suspicions and carry out investigations. In an insightful conversation, we’ll first discuss the daily routines and habits of the person in question.

Next our work begins, consisting of the following:

  • Observation of the person you’re unsure about
  • Observation of possible extramarital companions
  • Observation of the person’s workplace and where they spend their free time as well as other relevant locations (hotels, parks, etc.)
  • Tracking of vehicles
  • Collection of photographic, video and audio evidence
  • Complete written reports

Documentation without any gaps is very important to you. The Austrian law states that in addition to divorce due to disagreement, there is also divorce because of wrongful conduct. Cheating is infidelity, and this is classified as wrongdoing that can in turn have an effect on alimony pension claims. The results of our investigations simplify divorce proceedings. In addition, according to Austrian civil code § 1295 you can claim the related fees from the wrongdoer and others involved through a recourse proceeding. The situation is also similar for registered partnerships.


Investigations in Partnerships

In a registered partnership there is no specific fidelity requirement. This is a difference between the statuses of registered partnership and marriage, so sexual contact with another person does not necessarily mean that serious misconduct has taken place. It must be accompanied by a substantial breach of trust, and this has to be proven beyond doubt. Even in such delicate matters, the investigators of FAKTEN are on your side.

Of course, we are also ready to assist you if you have suspicions concerning a relationship that is neither a marriage nor a registered partnership. Through our discreet and inconspicuous working methods, we can bring certainty about loyalty or disloyalty.