Neither Pros nor Smalltime Criminals Have Chance with FAKTEN

Just once to collect some money from the insurance company. Over time one can end up paying the premium for years without getting anything in return. Insurance fraud is no trivial offense and is punishable according to criminal code (StGB) § 151. The amount of punishment can range from six months of imprisonment to a rate of up to 360 per day. If more serious fraud is involved (according to § 147 StGB of the criminal code) the range of possible punishment increases to up to 10 years.

Leading underwriters are lamenting the ever growing creativity of insurance fraudsters. People from all age groups and social spheres are taking part, from people living on assistance to business owners; similarly almost all kinds of insurance are being affected. Without the negative impacts of insurance fraud, insurance premiums could be lowered by about 5% – this is the unanimous opinion of the body that governs insurance providers in Austria. In spite of the input of expert witnesses, only about 1% of the alleged fraud cases are proven.

Enlist the experts of the FAKTEN detective agency to support you in your investigative work. We’re active in cases involving private individuals and organizations, including the following types of incidence:

  • Motor vehicle accidents occurring domestically or abroad
  • Illness or injury
  • Breaking and entering
  • Damages to household or personal effects
  • Life insurance
  • Repeated abnormal claims coming from insured individuals
  • Many more categories…

In the investigations, you’ll benefit from the analytical way of thinking of our experts, their experience and the close cooperation with investigators. We’re familiar with the tricks and ploys of insurance cheats – we know how they operate. Our network of international contacts has proven to be the key to success in many cases. This is especially true for the recovery of stolen goods, including equipment and vehicles, that have ended up in other countries.

Trust us with your insurance case. We make use of the most modern equipment available to monitor suspects as well as tracing objects of all kinds. We’ll supply you with a thorough log including photographic, video and audio material. This will allow you to take civil and criminal action against the presumed fraudster.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have. FAKTEN detective agency: professionals working together with other professionals.