Well protected – Don’t give spies a chance!

Modern technologies make life easier and simplifies many business processes. Nonetheless such innovation also makes is possible for others to gain access to your company’s confidential information. Prevent such things from happening to you by taking steps to protect yourself from economic or business espionage.

Electronic Eavesdropping

Let’s say that you’re the successful leader of an organization. You are familiar with your competitors and you’re managing to always stay one step ahead. To keep things this way, you should be effectively protecting your business secrets from the prying eyes of third party spies. This can happen through the use of modern technologies that, unbeknownst to you, have infiltrated your communications and data processing systems as well as your intranet network and internet connection with the goal of intercepting your important data.

Computer software used in espionage is usually not recognized by commonly available software. The professionals from FAKTEN detective agency can install special software for you and instruct you on how to use it. Access to sensitive data is blocked to outsiders. Your innovations, business strategies, personnel data and accounting information can thus be protected from unauthorized access for the long-term.

Eavesdropping via Listening Devices or Cameras

Cameras and listening devices (i.e. “bugs” or “wires”) are so small that they normally would not be noticed and, over the course of weeks or months, they can go undisturbed while leaking your important information to others. The FAKTEN detective agency works with specific equipment that can detect and neutralize such devices. We can determine who initiated the surveillance on your company. In addition, we can secure your company against such acoustic or photographic/video attacks in the future. Keep in mind that this also applies to threats coming from within your own ranks. Talk with us if you are suspicious of a coworker or staff member.

Protecting Companies via Listening Devices and Cameras

Real concerns make it legitimate for you to allow your staff to be monitored. A justifiable concern exists if over a longer period of time, there has been suspicion about ongoing criminal activity. Here are some examples:

  • Thefts from a warehouse and/or company storage facility
  • Errors in point of payment accounting
  • Passing on of confidential company information

With cameras and/or listening devices, the following areas can be monitored:

  • Store rooms used for products or company supplies
  • Checkout areas
  • Areas used for the shipping and receiving of goods
  • Sales areas
  • Manufacturing areas and workshops

We’ll use the appropriate instruments to monitor the suspect location until we can determine the cause. Such activity can quickly lead to identification of the origin of the problem. Naturally we only act within the confines of the law so that any proof collected can also be used as legal evidence.

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